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Every year at this time I will re-read a number of golf books as a reminder to myself and to ensure that when I talk to my MyGolfMind clients remotely or when we’re allowed face-to-face, that I’m well prepared. This obviously helps my game of golf too and like you I’m itching to get out there again. 
The first book MyGolfMind recommends that you pick up and can be read in one sitting, and having read it two and three times every year for about ten years I pretty well know it off by heart, but I still like to refresh myself. It’s also the book I either give to new MyGolfMind clients or get them to purchase a copy and get them to read it before their next MyGolfMind session and I then test them on the four elements. I then ask them to read it again and again until they can grasp the importance to their game of golf and their life in general. 
The book is The Present by Spencer Johnson and the well-known author pens a story about a young boy and a wise old man. As the young boy ages and grows into adulthood he often goes back to the old man and asks how he too can be like him. You will have to read the book to find out, grasp its importance and use the four elements so that you can be the very best golfer that you can be. At around £10 including postage it’s going to be one of your cheapest, wisest and best choices ever – happy reading. 
And remember … keep it on the fairway. 
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