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Welcome to My Golf Mind 

Golfers, welcome to My Golf Mind especially if you’re a female, male, junior, high or low handicap, off scratch, or even a PGA professional who need to build strong mental tenacity and stop struggling with the mental and negative interference, and self-confidence when playing golf. 
You know what I mean, that nagging little voice inside your head that: 
• Speaks to you just before you take your shot 
• You don’t know if you’re going to shank or hook the ball 
• You may even have the putting or chipping yips 
• First tee and coming down the stretch nerves 
Yes, we’ve all been there at some point in time, haven’t we? 
And the downside to all these negative thoughts and interference is: 
• Lack of confidence 
• Your handicap is going in the wrong direction 
• You don’t get yourself into contention often enough 
• You don’t progress into the team events 
• And for young PGA professionals getting stuck in playing the regional and insignificant tour events 
• You’re not winning enough money to even cover your expenses 
• Frightened you’ll end up in some old golf pro shop for the rest of your life 
• You’re just not enjoying your golf right now 
Well you’ve come to the right place 
My Golf Mind provides you with the performance coaching that gives you the right mental tools and techniques to overcome the negative self-talk you’re experiencing and make the unconscious mind work for you in a positive way. 
Now is that something of benefit to you? 
If it is and your looking to: 
• Enjoy your golf 
• Reduce your handicap 
• Wear your balls out 
• Get into contention and win more often 
• Earn a decent living 
• And if you’re a PGA professional play the top female / male tours 
...then pick up the phone or email me at 
As a thank you for visiting My Golf Mind I’ve a FREE VIDEO that will show you what the top European and PGA professionals do on every shot, that with practice will take your golf game to wherever you want it to be. 
So please complete the box at the top of this page and I’ll see you on the range and remember “keep it on the fairway”. 
At My Golf Mind, we recognise that to play golf to the best of your ability it’s an ongoing journey and there are four important elements that must be considered if you’re going to see, hear and feel measureable results and play golf to the best of your abilities. 
• Have lessons with your club PGA teaching professional 
• Be physically fit and use a specialist golf fitness coach like Jamie Greaves (
• Nutrition is paramount on and off the course 
• And finally, a sports mental / psychology performance coach like My Golf Mind 
Having all these four elements in your armoury will empower you to be the best golfer that you can be. 
For more information call Keith on 07973 614969 or click here to contact us. 
MyGoffMind is proud to be associated with Kymira Golf - that utilises infra-red nano-technology clothing in minimising sports injury and advances the speed of recovery. 
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