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Posts from May 2020

Hi all you MyGolfMind golfers and I guess you’ll all excited as the ban on playing has been lifted and although restricted, we’re now able to get back on the course and play the best game there is. Hopefully, all your practicing in the garden and putting indoors will pay dividends as you get out and play. The most important element for me is getting out into the fresh air and taking in the flora and fauna and really enjoying the experience – I hope you do too? We should also be grateful that the greenkeeping staff have managed to carry out essential work in maintaining the quality of the course while we’ve been banned from playing! 
Having worked with a number of amateur and professional golfers at MyGolfMind over the years I’m amazed at the lack of INTENTION to the shot that’s about to be played and the ATTENTION to detail in playing the shot, as well as learning from the experience. What I see (and I’m guilty of it sometimes) is that most golfers get on the first tee and play 18 holes in some form of trance! Rarely do they stop and think what they are trying to do – quite simply they just go up and hit the ball without any level of intelligence! They also begin to wonder why their game isn’t improving and their handicap is stagnant! 
What My Golf Mind means is that when you approach your ball, they fail to ask SMART questions like ‘what is the best shot here Keith’, or ‘what do I need to do to get the best result’? This very simple action gives the golfer licence to have the INTENTION of what he / she needs to do to get the best result. The action of asking the question is the first thing you need to do as you step into the Strategy Box ( Now the next action is to visualise the shot to match the INTENTION, taking account of your current position on the course (tee, fairway, rough, hazard or green), the weather conditions, run out and the ideal club. 
Now take that deep breath as you step over the dividing line between the Strategy Box and the Execution Box; and as you step into the Execution Box exhale slowly to quieten the mind. 
Now as you settle into the Execution Box with a quiet or neutral mind take up your alignment, grip, stance and posture – then JFDI (just flipping do it). With this level of ATTENTION to detail you have a greater chance of hitting the ball out of the ‘sweet spot’ and getting the result that you’d intended. 
It may or may not be the best shot you’ve ever hit, but the important thing is to learn from your experience, wherever the ball finished up! Remember ‘there is no failure, only feedback’. 
Remember to enjoy being back out on the course and hopefully all the practice you’ve done over the last seven plus weeks will pay dividends, so that you can be the best golfer that you can be. Please continue to follow the Government’s guidelines and stay safe and well and till next time … 
Keep it on the fairway 
If you have any questions, then please email MyGolfMind on or telephone 07973 614969 
Keith Haynes 
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