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Tiger Woods always wore a red shirt on the final round of a tournament, Patrick Reed also now dons the same colour. Karl Morris (The Mind Factor Coach) had Louis Oosthuizen the 2010 Championship Golfer of the Year (at St. Andrews – the home of golf) draw a red dot on his golf glove as a reminder to pay attention to Louis’ pre-shot routine. So, the importance of colour can be paramount to the success of a golfer. 
Colour is significant in our everyday world and in particular for the flora and fauna species for repelling a predator or attracting the opposite sex! 
Red is often used as it is the same colour of blood and can symbolise aggression and even war! Colour is also an energy which has been proven to impact on one’s physiology and psychology. Red would make Tiger more confident and powerful, while his opponents would feel intimidated! Hence when Tiger was at his best just the colour red could be a signal to some professional golfers that their goal was at best second place. They just accepted that Tiger in red on the last day would be most likely to win! 
The following exercise is one that I get most of my clients to do – I get them to state what their favorite colour is and think of an extremely memorable event i.e. a hole in one, winning a tournament or golf club competition. I then guide them through the following stages to create a very powerful resourceful anchor that they can draw on as and when needed on or off the golf course. 
Imagine a 2’ / 60cm square in your favourite colour on the floor just in front of you 
Now step onto the imaginary magic coloured square and think of a golfing event that meant the most (hole in one, winning etc.). Now see yourself in the event, hear the sounds that you heard, feel the emotional feelings that you felt and notice anything else that made the event so very, very special. Now double the sensation – what do you see, hear, feel and notice, double the sensation again and again. Enjoy this sensation until it just starts to wain and then step off the magic coloured square 
At the height or most intense feeling you get then clench you fist to provide a stronger anchor that you can replicate the sensation as needed 
Repeat this at least five times regularly, and especially when challenged 
Whenever you need additional energy, resources and or to boost your confidence then just imagine the coloured magic square and clench your fist to regain the energy and confidence to utilise as you need, okay. Only you will know that as you walk down the fairway as you’re stepping out onto your resourceful magic coloured square. Give it a go because it won’t work unless you practice it! And remember practice doesn’t make perfect - it makes continual improvement! 
One of my PGA Touring Pros uses this technique and often walks down the fairway on an imaginary blue carpet! 
Hopefully, you're beginning to find my blog post of interest and have started getting you thinking about the importance of the mind game? So why not share them with your golfing mates, okay. 
Do give me a call on 07973 614969, leave me a comment or fill out the form if you have any questions or would like to challenge what I've said, okay? 
Keep it on the fairway ... 
Keith Haynes 
Northamptonshire’s First Master Mind-Factor Coach 
PS ... I deliver a two-hour 'spring clean your mind; spring clean your game' seminar if your golf club or society are interested! Get in touch ... 
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