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What’s your pre-tournament medal or stableford match preparations? Well with today’s technology you can invariably visit the course website to see and read about the course layout and each hole in detail. More and more golf courses are using video shot by drones to escort you through each hole in turn to get a fantastic movie and often a commentary from people like Peter Alliss of the course you’re about to play. Serious amateur and professional golfers who play on the various tours around the world have for a very long time been provided with course planners or yardage charts, which are invaluable for the caddie and golfer to plot their route around the course. 
If you go to a professional tournament or just watch golf on the television, then you will see every player and caddie working together using the yardage charts before and sometimes after each shot. These extremely valuable aids should be used prior to the actual day of play to set up a picture in your mind how best to play each individual hole depending on the pin position/s for the competition. Also, the top professionals record their own analysis of their performance. All this information is kept so every time they go to play the same course out comes the yardage chart and analysis so that they can be even better prepared than last time. So, if you play at your local course every week do you use a yardage chart and record your own analysis to help reduce your handicap by one or two or even more every year? 
Its reported that Ben Hogan – one of the greatest golfers of all time used to take a blackboard and chalk with him to the hotel wherever he was playing and especially for the four Majors. So, each night he would chalk out each hole and indicate the best position for the ball to end up for each shot depending upon the hole position. So, stop and think what sort of advantage Ben Hogan had over his contemporises before he even went to bed! I’m sure Ben Hogan would be amazed at the number and different types of electronic gadgetry and systems available to modern player these days. 
So why is this so important to building up your mental tenacity on the golf course I hear you say? Well firstly the best decisions are made when you have sufficient and valuable information to make an informed choice. So, building up a library of important information over a number of rounds or years is tremendously advantageous to golfers of all abilities. Secondly if you have this wealth of information you can build up your levels of confidence to be able to place the ball exactly where it needs to finish up to give you the chance of being in contention. In addition, your unconscious mind has the information stored up ready for use when you go out and play the round of golf. This also enhances your levels of confidence and mental tenacity as you build up your resources to deal with the pressures coming down the stretch or when things don’t quite go to plan. Remember its only you out on the course and you’re just doing battle with the course architect and the green keepers! 
If your serious about your golf and want to make major strides to lowering your minus or plus handicap and being in contention more often then perhaps collecting hole by hole data is what’s needed? 
Until next week - keep it on the fairway ... 
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